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Who are we?

We are the Lava Mermaids Basketball Club. We have a holistic approach to our training programs. With focuses on different aspects of a player's skill set throughout the year. We focus on improving our athlete's Mind, Body and Soul, throughout all of our programs. Our vision is simple and we hope that it creates change. We hope for a future where the youth of the community have access to a cost free basketball experience from top coaching talent. We will set a never before seen precedent where families don't need to make the incredibly hard decision whether or not they can afford for their children to participate in the sport that they love. We are funded entirely by donations.

Join the Program!

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We have a wide variety of teams. We are focused and prioritize our Girls teams. But will introduce U9/11 boys and U17 boys in the Fall.


Individual Skills

We will tailor individual training programs to anyone who comes out to our training sessions.


Summer Programs

Just because the season is done, doesn't mean we stop working on your skills. A heavy influence of athletic training mixed with Yoga and some on the court skills. It all takes place outdoors, so we can still enjoy the beautiful weather.


We at Lava Mermaids believe in having affordable options for all kids. There are costs involved with the team and training, but we are hoping we can run solely off of donations. If you'd like to donate please hit the button below.
If you have a business and are interested in sponsoring Lava Mermaids please visit our Sponsorship Page.