The Teams 2019/2020 

We got teams. We practice and play games in the Fall/Winter. We practice and play even more games in the Spring/Summer. We are pretty good..... You should.......

U11 Girls

U13 Girls

U15 Girls

U17 Girls

U17 Boys

U9/U11 Beginner


Spring 2018 our Inaugural Season

The first ever Lava Mermaids Basketball teams debuted spring 2018. The teams were built on the foundation of our core values of hard work, trust and inclusiveness.

We have participated in a number of tournaments in the Edmonton area, exhibition games and having multiple team practices and training sessions each week throughout the spring.

As a program we decided to run year round with games, practices and other unique programs. You may join at any point and we will find the perfect spots for your long term development.

We have taken a completely different approach to offering our basketball programs and teams. Our focus with our teams is ensuring long term development of all our athletes as players and people. Because of this, players will move between different teams throughout the year to find the best opportunities to develop.

In order to accomplish this we group players by the year they were born. From those players we develop competitive teams at different levels of competition.

As we grow we will be adding more teams to suit the demand of our players! If you have any questions on how we run our programming please reach out, we are happy to share!